Keyword Research For Existing Sites Part 1

In response to a recent enquiry we had through our SEO Liverpool blog, today we're looking at keyword research for existing websites. Keyword research is arguably the most appropriate starting point for any search engine marketing consultant. We … [Continue reading]

SEO Basics – Meta Tags

The importance of the Title tag. Meta data is probably the first port of call for most new SEO's. If you get it right, then you can see a large gain as far as your optimisation efforts are concerned. I'm sure everybody understands what a title tag … [Continue reading]

The Law Of Diminishing Returns

90% Is Good Enough I discussed this with a variety of SEO Liverpool clients, and in the past I've devoted entire talks on this topic. The focus is usually in relation to link-building vs. on-page SEO, but the message is the same. What we're … [Continue reading]

Spam Emails And Mass SEO Marketing

This is a subject I like to revisit from time to time.  I received this email and I'm sure it went out to thousands of businesses. At SEO Liverpool we're sick to death of this type of lame marketing exercise. This is potentially the most harmful … [Continue reading]

Lets Talk About Microsites

Microsites, What Are They Good For? SEO Liverpool have had a fair few meetings in recent weeks relating to this subject. Clients want to know why microsites or mini-sites have been used for different SEM (search engine marketing) strategies. Let's … [Continue reading]

Update Negative SEO Is Possible

At SEO Liverpool we're always testing, reading blogs and talking with others inside our industry about current optimisation issues. In previous posts we've discussed negative SEO. To clarify what we mean by negative SEO, it isn't devaluing your own … [Continue reading]

Google Updates & Help

Anybody involved in the SEO industry will know that the recent ever-present updates to the Google Algorithm have been thrown at us with ever increasing regularity. Today we're going to discuss two updates that I feel small white hat SEO's may have … [Continue reading]

Even More Quick Hits

SEO Liverpool have been asked these particular questions many times in recent weeks. 'If i could do one thing, what would it be to get my website ranked higher within the search engines'. This is easy... Content. It's king don't you know! If you … [Continue reading]

SEO Liverpool Blogging Tools We Use

At SEO Liverpool this week we thought we'd let you guys into the interesting tools we use for blogging and productivity. Have a look at these and let us know your thoughts InboxQ This blogging tool I've been working with for a few months ago. … [Continue reading]

Get Your SEO Involved Early On

Here at SEO Liverpool we recently had a call from a business trying to engage us for search engine optimisation. They had spoken to a few other companies before us and decided he knew what he wanted and more importantly, he knew what he wanted to … [Continue reading]