We need SEO

Here are some FAQ’s that we’ve receive regarding Google rankings and websites

Why can’t you find my website in Google?

Probably the most common email I receive goes along these lines. The resolution to this query is dependant on a number of different factors. What keyword are you searching under? Is it just your business name you’re looking for. If you’re a new website, it may not have been indexed yet. You may be very low in Google, possibly further than you’ve ever searched. You may not have any meta data… so Google could have trouble catagoring¬† you. You may have duplicate content so google doesn’t want to index your website. You may have incurred a penalty? You may have breached the webmaster guidelines so you’ve been booted out of it’s index

We have the investigatory tools to unearth the issues and come up with solutions based on a research piece and using specialist search engine marketing tools

How do I go get higher in Google?

Yet again we have may possible tactics and answers to this question. Are you being penalised? So some removal or repair work will help. Is your website poor in relation to on-page SEO factors and therefore Google isn’t showing you love. Do you have regular/fresh content, generate links, is it social or even relevant?

A top down examination of your business content, marketing and in-house resources will provide you with an attainable SEO strategy that will help. You’ll gain a working document and a benchmark to push on.

Why has my website dropped down a few pages?

The Google Algorithm is consistently in a state of flux. You can either get ahead of the curve and cut out any practices or techniques that may now or in the future be regarded as spammy. You may have elements, links or coding errors that Google believes are detrimental to prospective site visitors and therefore have downgraded your website via its 350 factor algorithm.

Yet again, research is the key. We have the tools to fully evaluate your website and

Why don’t I show for local listings?

Have you signed up? Have you filled out all the required information? Have you optimised, lied or tried to game the system in any way. Are you in a shared space, have postcode issues or ever telephone number problems.

We have numerous issues that may cause problems with local search, local search may not even have applied to your key-terms until recently.

When I type my name into Google, my business doesn’t appear?

Why do you need it to appear? Is this a vanity search or is it applicable to your business. Have you actually mentioned your a name on the website. Do you have appropriate meta data, citations with associated directories.

This can be simple, but unless you’re adding value… fruitless.